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  1. 1. Syncing: How do I sync my developer accounts?

  2. 2. Stats: Why is Apptopia no longer pulling in my app's stats?

  3. 3. Valuations: Can you please provide me with a valuation for my app(s)?

  4. 4. Syncing: Why do I have to sync my account and how am I protected?

  5. 5. Listing Price: Can I list my application at ANY price that I want?

  6. Acquiring App Assets: What will I receive specifically when I acquire an app?

  7. Acquisition Requirements: Are there skills I need to have in order to own an app?

  8. Adding account details: Why do I have to add my iTunes and Android login details and how am I protected?

  9. Age Restrictions: Do you have to be a certain age to buy apps?

  10. App bundles: How do I bundle more than one app in a listing?

  11. App feature: How do you decide which apps will be featured on the homepage?

  12. App Preview: How can I access the app before I make a purchase? If it costs money, can I download the app without paying?

  13. App stats: What do I do if the stats associated with my account are not showing up correctly?

  14. App Stats: When buying an iPhone app will the ratings, reviews, and rank all transfer with the app?

  15. Can I buy an app outright?

  16. Can we sell apps that were produced using 3rd party development platforms?

  17. Certificate key: I'm selling my Android app and I have the same certificate key for all of my apps. How am I protected?

  18. Code documentation: Am I required to provide code documentation along with my app?

  19. Communication without offer: How do I communicate with the seller without having to make an offer?

  20. Completed Transactions: What happens if one party does not honor a completed transaction?

  21. Contact our Support team!

  22. Costs: How much does it cost to use your service? Do you make money off the buyer or seller?

  23. Finding Apps: Is it possible to sort the listings by a certain amount of downloads?

  24. Free and paid apps: If I have multiple versions of one app (ex: one paid and one free), do I have to sell all of them?

  25. Getting Paid: When and how do I receive my payment?

  26. How can I promote my app?

  27. How do I add and sync my external account?

  28. How do I delete my account?

  29. How do I go about valuating my app?

  30. How do I make an offer?

  31. How does the transfer process work and how long does it take?

  32. iTunes, Android Accounts: What if I'm buying an app but I don't have an iTunes or Android account to transfer it to?

  33. Legal protection: Can I use your legal protection if I'm buying/selling an app off of your website?

  34. Making a Bid: What do I need to have done in order to make a bid?

  35. Multiple Platform Apps: If I have an app both on iTunes and Google Play, can I just sell one?

  36. Offer Acceptance: What happens after an offer gets accepted?

  37. Offer Negotiations: Can we negotiate? How do counter-offers work?

  38. Offline deals: What happens when we find out someone is trying to take a deal offline?

  39. Payment Currency: What form of currency is used throughout the site?

  40. Payment Information: When do I put in my payment information?

  41. Payment Method: Can I split my payment method?

  42. Payment Method: Do my initial and final payment have to be from the same PayPal account?

  43. Payment Method: Will there be any other payment method instead of PayPal or bankwire in the future?

  44. Payment Options: What means of payment can I use to purchase an app?

  45. Post Transaction: If I buy or sell an app through Apptopia, will the details of the transaction be publicized?

  46. References: Is there anyone I can speak to who's been through the process before and has insight?

  47. Rejected Offer: What happens if my offer is rejected?

  48. Secure Payments: How do I know my payment is secure?

  49. Selling an app: Can I sell an app that isn't yet listed on Google Play or the iTunes App Store?

  50. Syncing Accounts: How long does it for my developer account to sync with the listing?

  51. Updates to an app: Can I have changes/improvements made to an app I purchase?

  52. Updating app listing: How do I alter my information in my listing?

  53. Upgrades: Is there an additional cost to have Fliptopia promote my app?

  54. What is the average profit based on?

  55. What is the min/max price I can list my app for?

  56. What types of apps do you sell?

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