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4. Syncing: Why do I have to sync my account and how am I protected?

Plain and simple, there is no other way for us to guarantee 100% to a buyer that the sales and download numbers they are evaluating are absolutely accurate and not doctored. That's absolutely essential to preserving a real marketplace for developers to sell their apps.

We can't even change these numbers ourselves on the back-end, and that's pretty much the point. Even if we let sellers send us different information or even screenshots of their analytics pages, these could still easily be doctored. This is the only secure way we can list apps on Apptopia.

We understand there are always some concerns with syncing developer accounts and we can't stress enough how seriously your logins are taken by us. 

We understand the sensitivity of your information and we do not store any of the information. Once we're connected, it's done!

Since the launch of our business, we have never had a security breach or issue around this aspect.

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