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2. Stats: Why is Apptopia no longer pulling in my app's stats?

Oh snap! This one's kind of a bummer, huh?

The most common reason that syncs break is that our access to your account was revoked. To fix this, you'll need to clear any connection we have to your developer account and delete the connection in your Apptopia account. From there, you can go ahead and sync with us again with a fresh connection. Make sure that if you are using manual connect that you use the new email address generated to invite us as users. Each one is uniquely generated for that sync. 

If it isn't a revoked access issue, check to see that your app is still listed in its respective store.

Also, keep in mind that our profit figures reflect the app's income after Google and/or Apple take their cut and that any ad revenue you realize outside of iAds isn't reflected on your listing without syncing the ad platforms individually.

If for some reason, we're still continuing to display incorrect information, please contact our support team directly at support@apptopia.com


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