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How does the transfer process work and how long does it take?

How does it work?

We try and make the transfer process as simple as possible. Here is an overview:


Sellers must upload their code.  In order to begin the process, and enter into an acquisition of your app you must first upload your code.  You can do this before a buyer shows interest (via the Prepared for Sale function) or you can do it once you have an offer.  However, you will not be able to truly accept an offer and move forward without first uploading your code.  It is also important to note that we now ask sellers to separate their code for each app into 3 sections: 1. Source code 2. Marketing & design related assets, and 3. Passwords, certificates, & keys.

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Step 1 (initial payment)

The buyer must submit payment for 50% of the final acquisition price.  This payment / deposit, shows clear commitment from the buyer and allows us to actually begin the transfer process on the app store level.  This initial payment is split between Apptopia & the seller.  Apptopia takes our 15% fee, and the seller receives the rest of the payment.


Note: As we always have done, should there be a legitimate issue with your app transfer and it can not be completed, we will refund our fee immediately.


Step 2 (app transfer)

This is where the app(s) get transferred from one developer account to another on the app store level.  This process very generally consists of (in order):


-       Buyer providing seller information about their developer account

-       Seller initiating transfer

-       Buyer accepting

-       Seller indicating on Apptopia transfer is complete


Step 3 (transfer verification)

This step is only for the buyer.  Essentially we ask that buyers connect their new developer account to Apptopia after the transfer so that we can verify for 100% the app(s) purchased do in fact live in the buyers account.  This is an added security measure for all buyers.


Step 4 (final payment)

Now that we have verified the transfer is 100% complete we require payment of the final 50% of the acquisition price.  As Apptopia has already taken our fee this payment will go exclusively to the seller.


Step 5 (complete!)

After the final payment is received, source code and app assets all become available for download for the buyer.

How long does it take?
This very much depends on the specific situation, as well as the platform you’re using. However, in our experience transfers with Android take between 2-5 days. Transfers with Apple tend to be anywhere from 1-3 days (again dependent on the transfer circumstances).

Ultimately, the greatest factor to the length of the transfer is the speed at which both the buyer and seller move to complete the small tasks necessary to get to the finish line

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