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Offline deals: What happens when we find out someone is trying to take a deal offline?

Don't be that guy.

We take this situation very seriously as it’s unjust to meet a buyer on Fliptopia and try to take a deal offline to avoid paying the 15% success fee. Not only do most buyers disagree to this due to the beneficial services we provide along with your transfer, we also monitor our site very closely and are able to easily find out if you attempt to do this.

We would like to emphasize that you sign an agreement with Fliptopia when you list your app saying that even if you sell your app offline (to a buyer met on Fliptopia) we are legally due our percentage. We, much like you, are hustling every single day to build and maintain a business that adds significant value to developers and the app/mobile community as a whole.

So, we hope that you take note since we have not been afraid to take action on this in the past.

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