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Costs: How much does it cost to use your service? Do you make money off the buyer or seller?

How we keep our lights on:
Here are a list of things we do let you purchase to grease the wheels. Aside from our success fees, none of these are mandatory to list your app on our site (but some are recommended).

This is to help us see who is serious about selling. 
Success Fee = 15%
This is how we make money, pay our bills, and continue to provide this service. A success fee is taken out of the total amount given to the seller and is only executed upon the successful sale of an app. If your app does not sell you have no obligatory costs other than the listing fee!
Minimum Success Fee = $150
This is the minimum fee we charge for any app acquisition. This only really affects you if your final acquisition price is below $1,000. Bear in mind, this figure is not arbitrary - this is about what it costs us to fully perform our service. So to be clear, for all transactions at $1,000 or below, we're only breaking even.
Listing Upgrades
While your app is listed with us, we give you the opportunity to purchase enhancements to get your listing a little more exposure than you otherwise would have. You can buy these directly on each listing in your account dashboard or during the listing creation process:
Featured listing on our homepage (Most effective)

1 day = $39
3 days = $109
5 days = $174
7 days = $243
Other = Pick and see
Tweet your listing = $35
@FliptopiaMarket will tweet something awesome about your listing to all of our followers.
Make your listing bold (14 days) = $20
Your listing title will appear bold in search results.
Make your listing highlighted (14 days) = $15
Your listing will be highlighted yellow in search results.
Upgrades are an excellent way to put more eyes on your listings beyond what Fliptopia (and hopefully you) is already doing.

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