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Fliptopia would be absolutely perfect if...

I didn't get abandoned in the middle of a sold app, with no way to contact buyer, and no explanation about why I got a chargeback.

Wow this is really bad.
This is the 'heart' of the site
I sold an app. Uploaded the code. The buyer sent the initial payment, and it was instantly refunded back to his account. Why?
I have no idea what going on.
And I can't contact the buyer.
I can't even connect my iTunes account to the site anymore.
Apptopia / Fliptopia has been good to me, I have sold many apps, however, now it honestly appears to be out of business.
I would at least like to complete the sale of my final app.

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  • Just a tired seller commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sory to hear others have this experience. I just deleted all my listings, because i just godt my second "bad" transfer. The "buyer" got the game, but never "finished" the transaction, and I was forced to pay back the first initial payment.
    Fliptopia seems to be out-of-business, no support on mails etc.
    Need to find other ways to sell apps - an Flippa is not the answer :-)

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